Welcome to Ashcroft and Moore LLC


JEFFREY has been an accomplished dealer of art and antiques for over 30 years. In addition to running his own well recognized and well respected antiques business, he has worked with several auction houses in the areas of procurement, staging, cataloging and appraisals.

ALEX is a licensed auctioneer in PA and IL, has been employed as a manager in the operation of two major auction houses with a proven track record in facilitating growth.

Together they bring you over 20 years of combined auction house experience.

Ashcroft and Moore LLC was conceived to change the traditional sit-down/raise paddle auction house model. We aim to bring unique products to consumers by offering a variety of ways to come by tastefully relevant must-haves – through online sales, branded auctions, gallery and exhibition sales, as well as on-site sales.

You can learn a bit more about Jeffrey and Alex by viewing the Ashcroft and Moore look book -- a collection of things we have owned, things we would love to own, and some just cool stuff.


Jeffrey & Alex